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BBT-shop Portable Pocket Guitar with Rotatable Chords Chart Screen Display, Practice Tool Gadget Guitar Chord Ultimate Guitar Trainer Gadget Chord Trainer 6 String Model for Beginner

Product Features:

    Feature    Designed to mimic a real guitar    Chord assistant screen    Genuine steel strings    Specifications:    Size Closed Approx:28cm/ 11in    Size Open Approx: 48cm/19in     Material: Plastic    Weight: 250g  Package Contents:    1 x Ultimate Digital Guitar Trainer✔✔Built with a rotatable screen reserving the most commonly used chords inside can help guitar…
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Product Description


    Designed to mimic a real guitar

    Chord assistant screen

    Genuine steel strings


    Size Closed Approx:28cm/ 11in

    Size Open Approx: 48cm/19in

     Material: Plastic

    Weight: 250g  

Package Contents:

    1 x Ultimate Digital Guitar Trainer

Product Features

  • ✔✔Built with a rotatable screen reserving the most commonly used chords inside can help guitar beginners/students to develop muscle memory for chords and is a perfect tool for finger placement exercise.
  • ✔✔Metronome inside the device so players can learn the chords with a customized tempo, Its a quiet practice tool without guitar playing sound, so you CAN NOT TUNE OR STRUM it like a real guitar.
  • ✔✔Due to its small and portable design. A handy tool for guitar learners who still want to practice during trips instead of bringing the huge guitar when you are travelling, you can carry this compact device to keep up your daily practice.
  • ✔✔Equipped with genuine guitar steel strings help guitar players to build calluses, and the tension of the strings can be adjusted with the tool included in the package to suit yourself, optimizing the user experience.
  • ✔✔BBT-shop always committed to providing you with the best service, if you have any questions or dissatisfaction, just contact us, we will solve your questions within 24 hours.