Wednesday , August 12th 2020
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Beginner Electric Guitar Brands

There are a lot of brands known for manufacturing and producing the best electric guitars. Each one stands out for different reasons – maybe because of a good reputation, high quality, affordable price and a lot of factors.

As a beginner electric guitar player, it may be a bit confusing at first to pick your instrument for the very first time. But do not worry, that is because surely, whatever you buy will be worth the investment, especially if you choose an electric guitar among these brands:


Epiphone Les Paul Standard electric guitar

Epiphone Les Paul Standard

This brand is one of the oldest and most revered instrument makers in America. Since 1873, it has produced instruments for any and every style of pop music. It started with a small family repair shop in the mountains of Greece and threaded its way to Turkey.

Then it went across the Atlantic all the way to the immigrant gateway of Ellis Island. From there, it paved its way into nightclubs, recording studios and radio broadcasts in Manhattan in the year 1920s and 30s.

Now, it has become a worldwide leader regarding manufacturing quality instruments. Truly, this is a story about hard-earned artistry that was passed on from father to son, as well as the eternal American passion for innovation.

And as a result, it has produced some of the best electric guitars for beginners today, such as the , , and .


Fender Modern Player Telecaster guitar

Fender Modern Player Telecaster

For well more than six decades now, from country and funk to rock ‘n roll, and from blues and soul to metal and punk (and a whole lot more), Fender instruments have produced and played the greatest music the whole world has ever heard.

And then in 1987, the Fender Standard series guitars and basses were born, fulfilling a mainstay role as sturdily steadfast instruments, delivering remarkable Fender sound, smooth feels and classic looks without ‘vacuuming’ your money.

Indeed, Fender is known for three things: great value, contemporary features, and versatility. And currently, the is popular among electric guitar beginners.


Yamaha Pacifica PAC112V electric guitar

Yamaha Pacifica PAC112V

Probably one of the famous brands not just for electric guitars, but for almost all musical instruments, Yamaha operates on their Corporate Philosophy that talks about having the commitment to making excitement and cultural inspiration using their unique sensibilities and qualities that came from their devotion to sound and music.

Their goal of consistently providing high-quality products and services that goes beyond the expectations of their customers has led them to where they are now in the musical instrument manufacturing industry.

And now, one of their best electric guitars (existing for over a decade already!) that beginners adore, the Yamaha Pacifica PAC112V, is well-known for outstanding playability and great tone.


Jackson JS32T Kelly electric guitar

Jackson JS32T Kelly

Inthe the late 1970s, Jackson has been just a small guitar repair shop in Southern California that became the epicenter of a new level of shred-approved excellence. This was when heavy music underwent an extravagant rebirth. Since then, their guitars have been glorified around the globe as metal guitars, which were labeled as shred machines.

These are high-performance instruments that are highly original and have a unique style and arduous substance. Without a doubt, Jackson has been the only way to go from metal’s chart-topping peaks to its darkest breaks, as well as for all the discerning guitarists all around the world.

And today, the is one of the most stylish axes beginners can use for the start of their electric guitar journey.


ESP LTD M100FM guitar


The LTD brand was founded in 1996, and it helped bring the quality and prestige of ESP to a lower price, accommodating all guitar players. It made a wide range of LTD models to cover not just the beginners, but also experts and matured working musicians.

Then, in 2014, they started the ESP USA Series as they opened their US-based factory in North Hollywood, CA. This facility allows them to make instruments that keep on living up to ESP’s tradition of excellence towards guitar building.

They now have taken a step further by offering customers the capacity to choose among available body styles with any offered top wood, finish, and selection of pickup in the ESP USA Series. And now, its is considered as the perfect pick for beginners who love to shred that much.