Monday , July 13th 2020
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Seagull S6 Review

If you’re just starting to learn to play guitar, or you’re a seasoned pro, you want an instrument that is built with high-quality standards. It’s little wonder, then, that so many guitar players are turning to the Seagull S6 acoustic guitar as their instrument of choice. While this model is officially called an “entry level guitar”, it has all of the features that even the most experienced musicians expect from the best acoustic guitars. There aren’t many manufacturers that take building guitars as seriously as Seagull, and that extra love and care really shine through in the finished products they produce.

Smooth Sound Quality

Seagull S6 guitar

Seagull S6

Some guitar makers think that they can get away with giving people a bit of lumber with six strings on it and call their products “quality instruments.” You’ll be happy to find that the folks at Seagull go above and beyond their competitors and build every one of their acoustic guitars to sound great. When you first begin to strum your Seagull S6 acoustic guitar, you’ll immediately hear and feel the difference. These guitars give crisp, clean sounds that competitors in this price range have a hard time matching. And since the Seagull S6 looks good too, it’s easy to see why so many musicians turn to their Seagulls during live shows and recording sessions.

Seagull S6 Acoustic Guitar Features

• Made with care in North America
• Select Pressure Tested Top
• Double Action Truss Rod
• The Headstock is tapered for precise, stable tuning and is perfect for open tunings
• Tusq nut and compensated saddle for the best intonation

One of the most amazing things about the Seagull S6 acoustic guitar is the price. Similar guitars, from other manufacturers, cost 3 to 4 times as much as this model, and often don’t sound half as good. While the price of the Seagull S6 is a bit more than many other entry level guitars, you’ll consider every dollar well spent, as the quality of these guitars is really quite extraordinary.

What Customers Have to Say

When you read a Seagull S6 review, you expect to hear what customers are saying about this acoustic guitar. During our research, we found 15 customer reviews. Every, single online review gave this acoustic guitar the top marks possible. That’s pretty darned impressive! When you consider the fact that so many online customers love this guitar, along with the Seagull reputation for guitars built with the top quality look and sounds, it’s easy to understand why the Seagull S6 is so popular. If you want the best sound and professional quality from your next guitar, you can’t go wrong with the Seagull S6 acoustic guitar.

The with a hard case for good protection, tuner, strings, strap, picks, Austin Bazaar Instructional DVD, and cleaning cloth.  It’s everything you need to get started.

Save a few dollars and get the instead of the hard case.  Note that the bag isn’t as protective as the hard case, so this might not be a good buy.  Definitely get the hard case for children or anyone that is going to travel with it.